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Welcome To Your Next Level

Embark on a Journey of Brotherhood, Self-Discovery, & Leadership

Our mission is to empower men to connect deeply and lead from their full potential

Next Retreat: December 1-7, 2024


What's Included:

  • Luxurious eco-lodging accommodations nestled into the rainforest
  • Three daily farm to table meals prepared by Costa Rican chefs
  • Coordinated transportation in and out of the jungle #TrustTheProcess
  • Expert-led immersive and experiential workshops daily
  • Transformative plant medicine ceremony tailored for deep personal growth and awakening
  • Access to a supportive brotherhood and resources post-retreat to facilitate ongoing growth


The Team

Jeff Zacharski
Founder + Lead Coach
Troy Mitchell
Thomas Freitag
Support Coach
Kacey Cardin
Plant Medicine Facilitator / Chakralesque Instructor

What Sea-Level attendees say:

John Doe
John DoeSoftware Engineer
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In my life, I felt a subtle sense of unease, with a constant monologue of self-doubt and fear affecting my decisions. After Sea-Level, I developed a deep understanding of my emotions and gained the self-awareness to tackle internal battles confidently. If you're ready for transformative guidance, imagine Mufasa from Lion King evoking a deep sense of exploration and confidence within you—Jeff will help you unlock your potential.
Lucas R
Lucas RArchitect
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Before Sea-Level, my life was reactive, stuck in a constant state of fight or flight, and endless rearrangement. Since my time at Sea-Level, my life has become a series of fireworks—vibrant, exciting, and full of potential. I've also gained a dozen new brothers, men with whom I share a deep sense of empathy, connection, and joy.
Troy M
Troy MMusic Producer / Coach
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I used to feel like there was only one way to do things. I was constantly giving up, changing plans, and feeling defeated and disempowered. At Sea-Level I discovered breakthroughs in trust, transparency, vision, my own ability to lead and coach.
Tom U
Tom UEntreprenuer
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I used to feel unsure, a bit anxious, and lost. Now, my vulnerability is my superpower. I have completely transformed my relationship with my girlfriend.
Thomas F
Thomas FGM Luxury Hotel
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I used to feel unsure of my direction, easily frustrated, scared, and impatient, unable to take on big challenges. I developed self-understanding, trust, and love, making life easier and more fulfilling as I built the life I desired. The facilitators will be the guide you need for an epic adventure through your heart and mind, helping you find your own answers to tough questions.
Nick G
Nick GOperations Specialist
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I had clarity but sought a community of like-minded men who valued vulnerability. After working with him, I developed deeper trust in myself and others, allowing me to open up and gain accountability to achieve my goals. Sea-Level is heart-centered and passionate about helping people live to their greatest potential without any nonsense.
John R
John RVideo Director
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I feel inspired to continue my transformation, empowered to lead, and grateful for the tools and knowledge I've gained. Jeff's coaching is grounding, magical, and unique—an experience I highly recommend.
Mrinal M
Mrinal MEntrepreneur / Event Specialist
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I felt like I was just going through the motions in life. I had forgotten how wonderful life can be. After Sea-Level I had found a way to view the world as a mirror and realized that I was responsible for my own results.
Nick R
Nick RX-Corporate / Entrepreneur
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The biggest challenges I was facing at the time all centered around a lack of faith and confidence in myself. I consistently was aiming lower than I had the potential for. After Sea-Level I gained the ability to stop ignoring the truth of who I am, changed my relationship with accountability and action, and now I’m embracing the responsibility of all the things I want to create in the world.
Nick L
Nick LVideo Editor
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Before Sea-Level, I felt bored, empty, and directionless, struggling with relationships and life goals. After attending, I've developed powerful bonds, embraced vulnerability, and transformed my relationships with newfound leadership and supportive boundaries. If you want clean, sharp support to achieve your goals, go to Sea-Level!

What men from our Sea-Level Retreats are saying:

If you are ready to experience

  • A greater connection to yourself so that you can fully show up and stop letting everything happen to you
  • A guide to finding your own power as a courageous, heart-led leader
  • Confidence to pursue the boldest vision for your life
  • Actionable, practical steps to personal growth and self-development that aren’t just another hyper-masculinized regurgitation of information found on Google
  • A deeper level of intimacy, presence, resilience, and joy in your relationships
  • Renewed sense of purpose and aliveness for your life

DON'T let another year go by with you not having the life you want!

Create from your true nature

Create from your true nature